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Commercial Solar


Good for the environment, great for your bottom line.


The business case for solar

Fundamentally, solar power is suited to businesses because you use energy during the sunlight hours. The more solar energy that is used in the facility, the higher the return on investment of the system.

We provide customised solar energy solutions for businesses that are designed to suit your individual energy load profile, budget and facility specific installation requirements. We are the industry-leader for commercial solar power systems in Tasmania and have installed some of the State’s largest rooftop systems.


Our Commercial Projects

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Est. 2008 Australian owned & operated.


Our Process



Analysis of electricity usage and contract or tariff rates and site visit to understand site-specific installation details.

System design and generation modelling, as well as preparation of detailed business case outlining the financial returns of the investment.


Detailed electrical and engineering design, and submission of grid connection application and relevant council approvals.


Installation and commissioning of system, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.


Submit application for STC rebate.


Ongoing service and support of the system.


Your business energy profile

Each business has a unique energy profile, or footprint of when and how much energy is used. Typically energy is used during business hours, but may be 24/7 for some industries.


Solar generation modelling 

We undertake detailed solar generation modelling over the life of the system to predict the amount of energy generated by each system.


Generation depends on many factors, including:

  • Localised long-term solar irradiance data

  • Angle and azimuth of panel installation

  • Shading of panels

  • Degradation of panel efficiency over time


Modelling financial returns

By assessing your energy tariffs and overlaying solar generation modelling with your energy usage profile, we can accurately estimate the savings associated with the installation of a solar power system. Typical annual investment returns range between 15 and 30%, with associated payback periods of 3 to 7 years.



EB Solar has partnered with finance providers that specialise in lending for solar power systems. It is now possible to fully fund the capital cost of a system and be cash flow positive from day one. Both lease and chattel mortgage options are available, each which have unique benefits.


Request a free commercial solar assessment for your business.

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