EB Solar is a renewable energy solutions provider, with 10 years experience with the design and
installation of renewable energy around Australia. It has developed specific expertise in all aspects of renewable energy, including rooftop grid-connected systems, off-grid and microgrid
solar/battery/diesel hybrid systems and large-scale project design. During this time it has installed
hundreds of systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients around Australia.

Our staff have extensive experience in solar project design and engineering, from initial concept
and feasibility through to detailed design and engineering, project management and
post-completion auditing.

We ensure that the system is designed to meet the identified need – to maximise the return on
capital for a commercial or industrial behind-the-meter system, or to provide a reliable and cost
effective power source for a remote area micro-grid or utility scale plant.

We use PV*SOL Expert solar modelling software which accurately estimates solar outputs taking
into account local meteorological data, component specifications and proposed installation



residential solar.

A Grid Connect Solar Power System generates electricity for use in the home as well as being able to draw electricity from the utility grid as needed.


Surplus electricity generated from the Solar Panels is sold back to the electricity provider, further reducing your electricity costs, or if you have a battery the surplus electricity can be stored for use at night or in the event of a power blackout.

commercial solar.

With a 25%+ Return on Investment, a solar power system on your commercial premises is a low maintenance, secure long-term asset.


We can undertake a detailed analysis of your energy bills and/or interval meter data against modelled solar system outputs to determine the optimal size system for your facility.


We then manage all approvals, installation, commissioning and rebate application to provide a turn-key solar investment solution.

solar design.

We work with solar providers, installers and developers by providing a holistic design and engineering service for commercial solar projects.

We provide practical and cost effective design and engineering assistance with:

  • Project financial modelling and preparation of proposals

  • Detailed solar modelling and optimisation using PV*Sol premium software

  • Network and local government approvals

  • Detailed electrical design in accordance with AS3000, AS5033 and AS4777

  • System commissioning and handover documentation



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