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5 Great Reasons to Switch to Solar

Aside from a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, there are lots of other benefits to be gained when switching to solar;

  1. Solar is a truly renewable energy. We can’t run out of solar energy, like we can some other energy source, and we can access it as long as we have the sun. (And NASA think the sun will be around for another 6.5 billion years).

  2. It saves you money! Switching all or part of your energy consumption to solar energy will see a reduction in your bills. The total savings will depend on your system, usage and applicable tariffs.

  3. You’ll help save some water. Sounds strange, but the manufacturing of solar panel systems requires far less water than what is continually used by other energy sources, like coal or natural gas, and it doesn’t impact local water sources like hydro-power can.

  4. You have some insurance against rising power prices. Energy prices could soar in the future, but you won’t be at the mercy of the energy market, because your own solar power will be free!

  5. There’s lots of government support, grants and tariffs to help individuals and businesses get their solar energy systems started. As solar becomes more mainstream these may not be as high, so being a first mover could be an advantage.


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