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5 things Solar can do for your Business

If you own the building that your business operates in, or you own and rent commercial properties, adding solar could drastically reduce your energy costs. It can also:

  1. turn previously dead space on the roof into a long term energy asset

  2. reduce the costs of big energy users, like your hot water or cool room

  3. you can make the most of currently available grants, rebates and tax incentives

  4. you can add value to your commercial property, and potentially boost resale price if you sell

  5. you’ll be adding intangible value to your business reputation, as an environmentally conscious business. It could also assist in achieving some “green certifications” like Certified B Corp, Green Tick Certified or GECA

If you're interested in incorporating a renewable energy system into your business or commercial property, contact us today. We have extensive experience installing systems for large and small businesses and commercial properties across Tasmania.


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