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Hot Water System Timer and Time of Use Tariff

Use your Hot Water System (HWS) as a battery This involves the installation of a timer to limit the run time of the HWS element to between 10am and 4pm, during maximum solar generation. This allows the HWS to use solar energy – effectively turning your system into a battery!

The Time of Use (ToU) ToU Tariff Residential customers have the opportunity to choose the the residential ToU tariff (T93). This amalgamates the two existing tariffs: T31 light and power, and T41 heating/hot water into the single tariff for all loads at the home. The benefits for solar customers is that the solar generation can offset all energy usage in the home, not just light and power.

Peak times are limited to 7am to 10am, and 4pm to 9pm Monday – Friday, with off-peak being all other times, including weekends. The peak tariff is currently 32.6 c/kWh and the off-peak rate 15.2 c/kWh. This compares to T31 at 27 c/kWh and T41 at 17.5 c/kWh.

Bottom Line – this tariff is suited to homes with a solar power system and especially with a HWS timer, as you can offset your entire home’s electricity load with solar, and if the sun isn’t shining, your HWS will recharge at the off-peak tariff rate.

It also allows you to shift other large energy loads, such as clothes dryers and pool pumps to off-peak times and thus benefit from the lower tariff rate.


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