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Innovation and Technology Award Winners

EB Solar was recipient of the 2019 Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Innovation and Technology.

This is our second win in the category after taking home the award in 2013. The award recognises the quantitative approach we take to designing and optimising solar power systems for commercial customers.

We have developed a comprehensive modelling tool that compares existing facility energy usage and modelled solar generation to accurately estimate energy savings and associated investment returns for solar. Being internally-developed, our systems are highly agile, allowing us respond quickly to industry changes, which is important given the rate of change in the renewable energy industry.

Our team has both a detailed technical and project financial understanding of commercial solar power. This allows us to design systems to optimise investment returns, whilst ensuring that they are compliant to all relevant standards as well as being cost effective.

In addition to delivering turn-key solar power solutions for commercial customers, we also offer a solar feasibility and design services to other contractors around Australia. Many electricians currently install small solar power systems but don’t have the experience with the increased complexity of larger commercial systems. We can assist by offering a holistic electrical and structural design and modelling service that will satisfy network grid approvals as well as planning approvals if required.


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